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The first step to start for making money

Buy a Domain Name! Why need a Domain Name?

The domain name registration takes the crucial first step for establishing a Web presence, will you get your customers?

"Hey, guys! See my website at

IP address: 39.513.710.42 or

How about instead the above complicated code. You can easy forward your domain to any page you like.

Start today, finding a rememberable and valuable domain name to represent your website. Also, this is one of good investment on the internet market. A domain appraisal reviews the market value of a given domain name such factors as the domain's brand recognition, length, top-level domain (TLDs - .COM .NET .ORG .INFO . BIZ…), word count and related business development of domain to determine the domain value.

No name, No business!

How to get a good domain?

The cost of a domain from a dollar to million dollars depends on the value! You can buy from any domain registration company or auction market. The length, meaning and easy to remember these are the factors to impact the domain names value. The domain name should be related your business, popular keyword of categories and easy to remember when people view your domain in a short moment!
For example;
The name is telling people the site about Business that the popular keyword "Business" of the business relative query. You can type "Business" in the search engine query, let see how many about "Business" answers at the result page.
Another typically example;
The name didn't tell people any meaning initial time until the business was successful. Now, everyone knows "Google" is the best search engine and occupy the majority of the web market.
They both have as good factor as the length of domain "Short and Simple"!
Top-Level Domains TLDs See More Video
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